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Betting Systems - Proven Winning Statistical Based Probability strategies for Texas Hold'em poker, Blackjack, Craps, NFL College Football picks. Winning super systems strategies.  

 Winning strategies for gaming and gambling! Texas Hold'em poker, blackjack, craps, and football, free football picks, safe and trusted betting links, winning strategies.    

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              Richard Nixon - Poker Professional?
Poker Alice Of the old wild west.
The Nuts - where did this come from?
Canada Bill - con artist extraordinaire
George Devol - the greate poker cheater?  
The Brunson - Doyle's most famous hand
               A famous misquote - what he really said. 
Killed at the poker table - the fixer is finalized
Chris Moneymaker - the amateur wins!  
Johnny Moss cleans out Nick the Greek
Wild Bill and the Dead Man's Hand
Some very Famous poker quotes - who said it?
Interested in the History of poker? Here it is!






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